They've been California’s draw for decades.

Revel Resorts Hotel, Span & Casino serves up a new and creative take on the gaming experience.

Revel Resorts partnered with the foremost thought leader in theatrics, Scéno Plus, to create a 2,000-square-foot gaming floor that’s welcoming and intimate. When you step onto the floor at Revel Resorts, you’ll find everything you’d expect and more. The experience is about more than games, you’ll also find a superb social scene, and – it’s true – natural light.

As the sun rises, you’ll be treated to a sweeping view of the San Gabriel Mountains. As the day evolves, both the view and the feeling on the floor shift with the light. When dusk arrives, theatrical lighting sets the stage for intriguing nights.

Whatever the time, anticipate the unexpected. Exploring here is like discovering warm and inviting neighborhoods in a favorite city. Suspended interior design elements create distinctive zones, each with its own appeal.

In this unique setting you’ll find The Tables, a network of 100 gaming tables – old favorites and new games to try. Revel offers a wide array of options for slot players, including an immersive experience – moving art that surrounds you while you play. DigiPit takes your favorite table games digital, adding live performances and friendly hosts to keep the experience social.

For a bird’s eye view of all the action, head up and take a stroll along The Mezz, which overlooks the gaming floor. Think about this as the place where performances, special guests, and impromptu parties just happen – putting your night or day on the path to fun.