HQ Beach Club FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: HQ Beach Club will be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10AM – Close
Q: Where do I enter HQ Beach Club?
A: The entrance is located on the boardwalk, adjacent to the Revel main entrance
Q: Is there a cover price/ticket needed to enter?
A: Admission can be purchased at the door (starting prices only/will vary for special events)

Q: Can tickets be purchased?
A: Tickets are available at www.revelnightlife.com

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Fashionable swim attire, proper hotel attire required. Please wear your swim cover up, shirt and shoes while walking to and from the pool (No jerseys, basketball shorts, or baggy clothing please).
Q: Is there a guest list?
A: Yes, all guest list requests can be submitted at www.revelnightlife.com
Q: How do I go about hosting an event, i.e. birthday or bachelorette party at HQ Beach Club?
A: You can visit www.revelnightlife.com to make an event request or call Revel Nightlife - 609.345.2211 or email birthdays@revelnightlife.com /bachelorettes@revelnightlife.com.
Q: How do I find the calendar or upcoming events?
A: Visit www.revelnightlife.com for a full list of events