Dynamic venues and performances set the stage for memorable experiences at Revel.

  Eyes to the front: Ovation Hall’s modern and intimate atmosphere craft what you came for: a close encounter with today’s most... View Detail

The Social is an entertainment venue at the center of the casino floor. Pull up to the bar, choose an intimate table, or opt for one that fits... View Detail

Royal Jelly, the #1 Burlesque Nightclub in the world, features DJs, dancing and of course, Kane’s famous burlesque. The first nightclub in an... View Detail

Make Reservation   HQ Nightclub, a creation by Angel Management Group, EMM Group, and Revel,  a stunning nightlife space which... View Detail

MAKE RESERVATION HQ Beach Club FAQ A product of the partnership between Angel Management Group (AMG) and EMM Group, HQ Beach Club at Revel is... View Detail